Immersive Photography
by Keith Mackey

Farirchild C-82A

Click on the picture below to download the movie which becomes an immersive spherical image. Dial-up users are cautioned that the file is about 2 MB and will take a while to download.

At first the image appears blurred and grey, then in colo.

The image can be can be rotated in any direction left/ right and up/down by placing your mouse cursor in the picture and dragging. Zoom in or out by using the + and - buttons on the control bar or the shift and control keys on your keyboard.


A link is also provided to view the picture in Adobe Flash which is also a free download from here.

Fairchild C-82A "Packet" Cockpit
2070 KB Flash Movie
Click on picture below

Fairchild C-82A "Packet" Cargo Deck
1733 KB Quick Time Movie
Click on picture below
C-82A Cargo Deck
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