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Mackey International specializes in Panoramic and Spherical Photography

Why is specialized photography needed for legal exhibits? The tasked faced by an expert witness in properly communicating a complex opinion to a jury can be daunting. While the expert has detailed knowledge of the subject, the jury, in most cases does not, and a misunderstood point can easily lead to the expert's testimony being discounted. As Confucius stated, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Many times a simple picture is all that is needed to illustrate a point, but a panoramic view can often provide additional insight. When an even wider field of view is needed, an interactive spherical presentation can be a tool that allows an expert to orient the jury to a view from a particular point in space. This point may be the eye position of a vehicle operator or other point of interest. The jury can view the scene as if they were located at that time and place, providing insight and creating interest in the expert's testimony.

Mackey International has the cutting edge hardware, software and the knowledge to create presentations like those on this page. The capability to do many of the things illustrated below is very new technology that until recently was not possible.

With these tools, the expert can manipulate the picture by panning in any direction or zooming in or out to show details. The picture can be displayed on a large computer monitor or projected on a large screen. They can even be viewed on portable devices such as an Iphone for demonstation purposes.

These spherical photos can be viewed by clicking on the picture where noted. The resultant HTML5 display is a low resolution version designed for relatively quick internet downloading. The files used for an actual presentation are many times larger and provide much greater detail.

You can navigate in the picture by dragging with your mouse up, down, left or right. The + and - buttons at lower left allow zooming in and out.

Example of Aircraft Cockpit Panoramic Photo
Flat Panoramic Photo suitable for printing: The photo below is a small copy of a very high resolution photo that could be used as a legal exhibit. If necessary, the instruments can be edited to reflect a particular condition or position.
Although the above photo can be printed and displayed flat, if the print were curved as a portion of a cylinder, as illustrated below, an observer could accurately place himself in the pilot's position. This picture is a segment of a complete 180° x 360° photograph.

Examples of Aircraft Cockpit Interactive Spherical Photos
Beech Bonanza Cockpit - The picture below is a complete 180° x 360° photograph from which the above photo was taken, made into an HTML5 presentation. It is a simulation of a Beechcraft Bonanza flying at 8,500 feet under instrument conditions.
Click on any of the pictures below for an interactive spherical version.
When the picture loads, you can use buttons at screen bottom for full screen and to manipulate the photo
Beech Bonaza cockpit

Robinson R22 Helicopter Cockpit - The picture below represents the pilot's view from a Robinson R22 helicopter over a particular geographic point on a specific heading and altitude. The instrument readings are normal for cruise flight.


Robinson R22 helicopter

Mooney M-18C55 Cockpit - This picture illustrates the cockpit layout and field of view of the pilot in cruise flight. Instruments accurately depict the conditions illustrated in the photo.

Mooney M-18C55

Fairchild C82A Cockpit -Larger aircraft cockpits can generally be illustrated from any particular point of view. Photoediting can be used to illustrate particular conditions or situations.

Examples of Interactive Aerial Spherical Photos
Aerial View - Airport Residential Community - This picture, taken from 110' above ground level using specialized equipment, shows a private airport residential community. Similar photos could be taken along an aircraft approach or departure path to illustrate obstructions or other features of interest.

Aerial View - Construction Site - Pictures like this, taken at 60', can illustrate a particular event or can be taken periodically to record progress of a small or large construction site.

Additional Uses - Spherical photos can also be used to provide a 'Virtual Tour" of a building or other area.

Costs - Mackey International does basic Spherical Photos as needed in conjunction with a site inspection as part of preparation for an expert opinion. Basic processing is normally done at no extra charge for these photos . More complex photos are billed at an hourly rate. Call or email for a cost estimate.

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